In January 2014, Touch of Elegance, Inc. was presented the The Midlands Coalition of Churches, Dr,. Martin Luther King, Jr. Corporate Award.for Outstanding Service to the Public and Mankind.

Brianna Childs

Brianna is our youngest staff member and is a student at the University of South Carolina. Brianna’s experience as a graphic designer, makes her a great choice to assist in designing all  paper products, apparel, and business promotional materials. She works under the tutelage of our senior head graphic designer and business consultant, Edward Straiter III.


Touch of Elegance, Inc.  Professionals


Sit back ..Relax - you are in great hands!


Flexibility . . It is at the top of a long list of advantages for the creative planning of your special event, business conference, wedding or reception by Touch of Elegance.  We offer more flexibility with regard to your personal desires and time schedules.  We accommodate major conferences as easily as intimate retreats.  We make every client feel like our most important one. We are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Who we are

Touch of Elegance, Inc. coordinates every element of the event, starting with custom letterpress invitations through linens, lighting, flowers and table service.

Touch of Elegance, Inc. is a full-service event planning company founded by Jeanette Straiter. She officially launched the business in August 2002.


Touch of Elegance, Inc, has become known for larger-than-life theme weddings and events that transport participants away from their everyday lives.

Jeanette Straiter, CEO

A graduate of the U.S. Career Institute as a Wedding and Event Consultant, Jeanette's experience as a corporate event planner makes her the ideal choice for large business events.

Since opening, Touch of Elegance, Inc.  has designed and executed many weddings and events. We accommodate major conferences as easily as intimate retreats.​

Michelle Abney

Michelle is a graduate in business from Clemson University. Clients love her organization and unflappable calm. Michelle is known for her opulent wedding themes.




Touch of Elegance, Inc. will follow you anywhere. The team has orchestrated weddings across the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

Joyce Straiter

Joyce is a graduate in business from South University. She is our go-to source for all things vendor-related that draws on the finest local sources of products and services.


Touch of Elegance, Inc. Advantage


Our professionals draw on the finest local sources of furniture, lighting and accessories to transform hotel ballrooms, urban parks, rustic lodges and sandy beaches into magical settings.